Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hike to the top of Snow King

 On my way to the top...looking over JH

 JH, Tetons, and Flat Creek

 Shack on top


 Looking through at the Tetons

I'm glad there was a sign pointing to the outhouses or I would have been lost
Myself and two girls from work decided to hike to the top of Snow King Mountain Resort this morning. It was a fairly good hike and it was beautiful to see Jackson from so high up! The wildflowers were incredible and there, once again, was not a cloud in the sky to be seen! Even though the hike was pretty much switchback after switchback I still enjoyed myself and the view of the town. Definitely a hike that I will continue to do! :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A day well spent with Alex, Thomas, and Norda in JH

 Alex and his butterfly :) Such a cutie

 String Lake and a lady catching some Vitamin D

 Another moose! This time it was a bull moose and I was so excited!! 

 View of Jackson from the kiddie lift at Snow King

Getting ready to ride the Alpine Slides...quite a bit of fun packed into 44.6 seconds

 SO HAPPY they came to visit!

 Enjoying some Huckleberry Soda at Billy's!

If you haven't been here then you are missing out.

I was so excited when I found out that I was having visitors! I loved having my brother, dad, and grandma here even though it was only for a day :) I miss my family so much and it was perfect for them to come! We went to lunch at Sanchez (also a must try), drove up into the park, did the Alpine slides at Snow King, shopped around the store, and ended the day with dinner at Billy's. It was a fun filled day and I can't wait for my next set of visitors!

Other than having visitors and working nothing else has really happened. I was helping a lady from Logan the other day and she asked me what my last name was so naturally I told her and after I told her she said, "Well that's a very well known name in Logan!" I was kind of taken back at the tone in her voice. She almost seemed jealous that she wasn't an Emmett. I would be too. No big deal. Anyways, she snatched her purchase and walked out as I stood there with a puzzled look on my face. Other than that I'm just working as often as I can and taking pictures whenever I have free time! If you're ever in the area let me know :)

String Lake

 Not a cloud in the sky

 The girl who hikes alone...

 String Lake!

 Self timer photo with the lake? Sure, why not!

 Mt. Moran with the lake

 Black and White of the moose

 My moose! :)

I hadn't been up to String Lake yet so I decided to head up there one fine sunny afternoon. Might I add there was not a cloud in the sky to be seen...this made for excellent photo taking. I took a four mile hike around the lake and it was beautiful! I could have stayed there all day. THEN on my way home, on the road from Moose to Wilson (which is my Logan Canyon temp), I came across a moose lounging in a swampy area! Obviously I pulled over and hiked down to the moose to get some close up shots and to make my mom jealous. I literally could have sat there all day and watched her drink water. So exciting. I know. Don't be jealous :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Camera happy at Taggart Lake

Better in person but I still love it 

I found me a moose!

The beginning of my hike to Taggart Lake. 1.6 miles up and 1.6 million mosquitoes later...

Such a pretty bridge

Look closely for the Tetons! A certain tree was, of course, right in the way of making this perfect

Oh wildflowers :)

Aspens all around

This gets to be the biggest picture because it is my favorite!

Give said the little stream

So many trees


Reflection on the lake

Tetons and Taggart Lake

I had the day off on Monday so I took some FHE time to myself and headed up into the park. It was very pretty and it was fun to just be able to take pictures and think! I headed to Jenny Lake and last minute decided to hike to Taggart Lake and it was definitely worth the hike! I had way too many pictures that I wanted to post so sorry if there seems to be a lot. Deal with it :) 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

How old do you think I am?

As of late I have had several people ask me how old I am, if I'm old enough to be ringing them up, or what grade I will be going into...usually I'd be okay with this but right now I'm not. Within one hour of work the other day I had two ladies ask how old I was and of course I responded with a red face, "I'm 18 and I'll be 19 in October." Their jaws instantly hit the floor and they responded with, "I thought you were 13 or 14!" Sweet. I know I look young but let's just hold all of our comments to ourselves please.

On a happier note...watching the US women's team defeat Brazil to advance in the World Cup was pretty much the highlight of my week! It was seriously one of the best games I have ever watched and I am so glad that we pulled away with the win. I may or may not have gotten chills while watching that game because it was THAT good.

Nothing else is too exciting except for the fact that I have re-addicted myself to Grey's Anatomy...there is nothing more rewarding than spending a little work money on buying the complete seasons. Watching that show definitely gets me through the day...isn't that sad? I think it is.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Best way to celebrate the Fourth of July? Skiing of course.

Skiing and smiling is fun. Try it.

So many people to watch and laugh about

So happy to be skiing again!

Alex and me on the top!

The moment I found out that I had the third and fourth of July off I instantly knew what I would be doing to celebrate the Nation's holiday. Skiing Snowbird with my family! I have waited 18 years to do this and I finally got too! Because of a soccer tournament in 2005 I wasn't able to go then but six years later and the snow decided to stick around a couple extra months. YES! Alex, my dad, and I got up at 5 and rolled out of the driveway at 5:31...four minutes ahead of schedule might I add. We pulled into the parking lot around 7:20, booted up, and headed for the Tram. But first I must purchase my "I skied the Bird July 4, 2011" shirt. So worth it. It started to rain a little here and there and the sky was grey. Not a problem: kept the snow at a decent temperature. Problem: I wouldn't receive a goggle burn...but when do I ever. We took about five runs and called it quits because the lines were getting way too long and there were a few too many skiers that were above the legal consumption amount of alcohol. So entertaining. In-N-Out on the way home topped off the perfect end to the 2010-2011 ski season! And now it's back to work in the morning...I hope everyone enjoyed Independence Day as much as I did!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy birthday to the Mumzy!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and I think (who knows what she thinks) that me coming home last night to stay for a few days was the best present ever! ;) She's the best mom everrrr and I hope she had a great day! Love you dearly, mom!

I figured this picture would be appropriate because it had the Tetons in the background!
I may or may not look like a boy, but it's whatever.

Phelps Lake

Bill and Lorie took a trip up to Jackson for a few days and were kind enough to invite me on their hike to Phelps Lake and to lunch beforehand. It was a beautiful hike and the lake was so pretty!

View from Huckleberry Point

Hard to see but there is a waterfall from all of the run off in this picture

Very full and very fast flowing river

The frogger :)

Jenny Lake

The grandparents and sister came to visit so after a little shopping and eating we decided to venture up to Jenny Lake to do a little hiking and boat riding.

The two of us at Jenny Lake! I love my sister!

Hidden Falls at Jenny Lake. So much water from this year's snow pack!

The lake through some trees.

The hiking gang!

This bison jumped over the ditch right after I snapped the photo. Graceful.

Love Jenny Lake

Funny how we pull the same face