Monday, July 9, 2012

Phelps with the cousins! and the USWNT game

This past weekend the Lundbergs were in town and were so kind to take me to dinner at Mountain High Pizza Pie and let me tag along on a hike to Phelps Lake! Amanda, Jamie, and I were the only ones to jump off the rock and we had a blast doing it! Even though I had a scary moment of slipping and falling off the rock I had so much fun! It was a great start to my Saturday. After the hike I had to rush home to get ready for work and they were heading out of town. It was a short little visit with them but it was so nice to have family up here! Thanks for letting me tag along guys! 

Phelps never gets old. 
Love these girls! 
Family photo at Phelps! 
Amanda jumping 
Jamie jumping 
Me jumping 
Me falling/sliding/running down the rock. So scary. 
Laughing so hard I forgot to jump. HA! 
Still laughing 
All three of us FINALLY jumped together. Third time is a charm I guess!
Other than hanging with these guys for a morning nothing else has happend up here...except for getting aged as usual. haha I will tally the average at the end of the summer. So far I am averaged at being 14. Score! 
I did go home last weekend to celebrate my mom being born and I also attended the US women's soccer game at Rio Tinto!! It was such a fun game and I was SO glad I was able to go. Such a great experience to watch the best of the best play! And it was their last game before heading out to London for the Summer olympics so that made it even better. However, watching the game made me miss soccer so much! I can't wait to watch them kill it in London! 

Spent $85 on this authentic USWNT jersey and it was worth every penny. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Go Jump In The Lake! Phelps edition

One beautiful morning my friends and I headed up to Phelps Lake to jump off the rock. It was so beautiful up there! I've been there so many times before but this time it was perfect. The lake was past glass and I was a little camera happy. Jumping off the rock was such a rush! It's pretty much the longest drop ever and the water is breath taking cold. But I loved it so much! I can't wait to jump off of it again. Our goal is to jump/swim in every lake in the Grand Teton National Park by the end of the summer. 

B/W of the lake 
Love this SO much 

Kayla :) 
another reflection because I loved it so much
heading off the 30 foot drop! 
Go Jump In The Lake!! 
plug that nose :) ha 


June 15th-16th of 2012 were two days that I dreaded for a very long time. Why you ask? RAGNAR Wasatch Back was scheduled to occur and I was signed up for it! Training (for the most part) went pretty well and when those two dreadful days rolled around I was ready to run!
But first, I had the honor of attending my best friend's wedding! Lexi and James were married in the Logan Temple at 11 on Friday so I unfortunately had to skip my first RAGNAR leg. But have no fear, someone on the team so kindly stepped in for my and ran my 2 miles around Snowbasin. 
After attending all of the wedding festivities; outside of temple, luncheon, and the reception, I was off to meet up with team Run Slow, Ski Fast. After sitting in the van (Van 2 to be exact) for several hours and after several stop at various Honey Buckets (plastic potties) I was ready to run my first (second) leg. It was a 6.8 mile climb into Oakley, Utah and I must say that it was the best run I have ever run at 3:30 in the morning. Actually, it was a rather nice run and I was quite pleased with my 1 hour and 10 minute finish. 
After that beautiful/dark run it was back in the Van to rest up for the final round. I was the last runner for the team so immediately after my finish we headed for the showers and a nice two hour nap. And let me tell you, those two hours felt like twelve hours. It was one of the best naps to ever grace my napping life. Back in the van we went to start our final legs. My calculated time to run was around 4:00 pm but we were ahead of schedule so I started the climb into Park City around 2:30 pm. And it was HARDLY hot and HARDLY uphill. That was the toughest run ever and I was so glad and relieved when I crossed the finish line with the team behind me. 
Team Run Slow, Ski Fast completed their first RAGNAR in 33.5 hours. Not too shabby if you ask me! And we won't go into detail of the BYU mens cross country team finish with a time of 14.5 hours... I say they cheated. Dang Cougs. After a few Kodak moments at the finish line I was in desperate need of a Dr. Pepper. Those first few gulps were three carbonation bubbles shy of Heaven in a cup. 

Overall RAGNAR WB was a time to remember. I strangely loved every second of it and I hope to be a part of a RAGNAR again. Enough summary for now! Time for pictures :) Enjoy! 

Dr. Pepper in hand and the medal around my neck :) 
The team finishing! Too many people but I promise we're there :) 
The Medal 
Van 2...the fun van
I did it! 
My best friend is married! Love her so much

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm back to the blogging world!

It's only been 8 months since my last post so I figured I should log back on and get blogging again!
I'm back up in Jackson Hole for the summer and I've been here 3.5 weeks. It has flown by! The crowds are at a minimum but the people watching is still in it's prime. Thankfully the store's been getting busier so work is almost bearable. 
Since arriving up here I've had a few visitors, I've been home once, hiking a few times, seen many, many moose (including the CUTEST baby), went White Water Rafting, ate too much food, and got promoted to an assistant manager position! I'm definitely loving it up here but as always, I'm missing Logan and my family. 
I've only been aged once at 13 so that's quite the accomplishment! Other than that I'm getting ready for RAGNAR next Friday and Saturday and my best friend's wedding! One week from today and I get to drink Cache Valley's water and sleep in my own bed! YAY! 
Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the past three and a half weeks. Enjoy! 

Mormon Row and the Tetons  
Trail to Taggart Lake 
Thee CUTEST baby moose
Is adoption an option?
Mormons on Mormon Row
Mormon Row shot again 
Rafting the Snake with these two! 
Sailing through Lunch Counter
Completely soaked and still smiling :)
Best day yet this summer

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meet Modern Family cast members? Done.

For those of you who don't watch MF should stop reading right now. Because you won't appreciate it. But if you don't watch it then you're missing out and I suggest you start watching it. Now. The season premiere is on September 21 for two hours! :)
Anyways, Modern Family was in Jackson Hole shooting for their season premiere and of course they had to shop around. So, like a creepy stalker I started a Twitter account to follow them and follow them I did! I was fortunate enough to snag photos with six of the cast members!

 With Sofia Vergara. She looked so different compared to TV. She was so tired and wanted to leave but was so kind and took a picture with us! Her very attractive boyfriend snapped the photo. On my phone. No big deal.
...Gloria from MF.

 With Eric Stonestreet (I kept a duplicate of his receipt after he purchased some pajamas. Was that creepy? Slightly. Don't judge.) and Ed O'Neil (recently awarded a Star in Hollywood! and has his arm around me :))
...Cam and Jay from MF

With Nolan Gould, Ariel Winter, and Rico Rodriguez. 
They were so adorable and so nice and loved riding the Alpine Slides at Snow King; just throwing that out there.
...Luke, Alex, and Manny from MF.

This was basically the highlight of my summer and I cannot wait for this season. The season premiere is titled "Dude Ranch" so get your cowboy or cowgirl attire on!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good times, Happy times.

The fam bam came up and visited this weekend and I was so very happy to see all of their faces! I hadn't seen my mom or sister for over a month so it was even better! We had a fun time of staying at my dad's friend's house in the Aspens, canoeing at String Lake all day Sunday, shopping, eating out, hiking to Phelps Lake, and of course, people watching. What's an Emmett family vacation without people watching?! Canoeing was a blast and the weather was perfect! We had a few scares of storms rolling in but they detoured around us making for a great day on the lake. 
Monday morning we woke up early-ish and headed out to hike up to Phelps Lake (a must hike while here). When getting stuff out of the car the Ranger that was directing parking came over and said to my mom, "It looks like all of your kids qualify for becoming Junior Rangers today!" I looked at her like, "Honey, I'm almost 19 and I'm sure I don't qualify for even coming close to becoming a Junior Ranger." Of course everyone else thought this was hilarious and when my mom told her that we would have to pass because we were on a time crunch to get me back to work at 1 the Ranger looked at her like, "You're daughter works?! She's not even old enough!" The Ranger then walked away confused and all of us busted up. Some day I'll become a Junior Ranger....someday. Another story of me being aged...I had a 15 year old ask me how old I was and when I told her she told me that she thought I was 12. To get aged by adults is one thing but to get aged by a 15 year old is a whole other story. No big deal.
Of course our moose sightings were at a minimal because my mom was here...let's just say that moose run when the mumzy comes because they probably think it's funny. My mom would give anything to see a moose in the proper manor (not tucked behind a bush or standing a mile away from the road looking like an ant) and she rarely gets to see them! Poor girl. Someday she'll get her moose. My dad was awesome (but what's new) and brought me zucchini from his garden with a newly purchased bottle of lemon pepper! This made me love him even more! The next time that we'll all be together in Jackson will be LOTOJA in exactly one month and one day. I'm sure everyone is excited about this...I know I am! 
Speaking of LOTOJA...I was walking to the apartment for lunch on Saturday and came across 20-30 bikers sitting in the Town Square all wearing biking kits that read "Arch to Arches...AFTOJA". I was so confused but of course snagged a photo to laugh about later with the parentals and continued walking. Afton to Jackson is an hour and a half drive so about 85 miles on a bike and they went to all of this trouble for one little ride?! Wimps. They even had stickers on their cars, shirts for the support crew, poster boards that read "CAUTION: BIKERS" (classy), and kits for everyone riding and it's not even a long ride! Props to them anyways for getting on the saddle and hopefully one day they will all build up to the real ride of 206 miles and three states in one day...LoToJa. 
 Canoeing at String Lake!

 Siblings in the canoe :)

 The impending storm

This man was swimming laps in the lake and reminded us all of Kramer (from Seinfeld) swimming in the Hudson. He even had a wet suit and swim cap on!

 All the paddle boards were rented out so Alex decided to tip the canoe over and give it a go. It didn't work too well...

Brunch time for the chipmunk

Siblings at Phelps Lake

 We're weird. We know.

 My mom and I struggled a bit

Looking over Phelps Lake. What a beautiful day it was!

When you're the best of friends

 Kaylee adding some excitement to our photo

 Laughs and splash

 We struggled

I know, I know I'm a little behind but at least I am updating! A couple of weeks ago my three best friends decided to be absolute gems and come visit me for the weekend! I was beyond excited because I hadn't seen them in a very long time. They rolled in late Saturday night and we decided it would be fun to set up a tent in the front yard of my apartments and sleep out there for the night. Well, it's quite dark because the nearest street light is a half a block down the road so we decided that it would be best if we walked that half a block, set up the tent under the street light in the middle of the road, and walked the tent back. Success. Good thing it was 1 o'clock in the AM so traffic was non existent. I honestly slept better in the tent on the hard ground with a thin sleeping pad than I do every night in the thing that's called a bed. The next day we took the tent down, had a small breakfast, and headed up into the park to see the Tetons and to mess around at String Lake. Although the weather wasn't ideal we still had a very fun time and I'm sooooo so so glad they came all the way up here (even though the may or may not have struggled with directions) to visit me just for a day. We then enjoyed a cheeseburger at Billy's, shopped around, and then they were off! Kate, Lexi, and Kaylee....thanks again for visiting me!!