Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meet Modern Family cast members? Done.

For those of you who don't watch MF should stop reading right now. Because you won't appreciate it. But if you don't watch it then you're missing out and I suggest you start watching it. Now. The season premiere is on September 21 for two hours! :)
Anyways, Modern Family was in Jackson Hole shooting for their season premiere and of course they had to shop around. So, like a creepy stalker I started a Twitter account to follow them and follow them I did! I was fortunate enough to snag photos with six of the cast members!

 With Sofia Vergara. She looked so different compared to TV. She was so tired and wanted to leave but was so kind and took a picture with us! Her very attractive boyfriend snapped the photo. On my phone. No big deal.
...Gloria from MF.

 With Eric Stonestreet (I kept a duplicate of his receipt after he purchased some pajamas. Was that creepy? Slightly. Don't judge.) and Ed O'Neil (recently awarded a Star in Hollywood! and has his arm around me :))
...Cam and Jay from MF

With Nolan Gould, Ariel Winter, and Rico Rodriguez. 
They were so adorable and so nice and loved riding the Alpine Slides at Snow King; just throwing that out there.
...Luke, Alex, and Manny from MF.

This was basically the highlight of my summer and I cannot wait for this season. The season premiere is titled "Dude Ranch" so get your cowboy or cowgirl attire on!