Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good times, Happy times.

The fam bam came up and visited this weekend and I was so very happy to see all of their faces! I hadn't seen my mom or sister for over a month so it was even better! We had a fun time of staying at my dad's friend's house in the Aspens, canoeing at String Lake all day Sunday, shopping, eating out, hiking to Phelps Lake, and of course, people watching. What's an Emmett family vacation without people watching?! Canoeing was a blast and the weather was perfect! We had a few scares of storms rolling in but they detoured around us making for a great day on the lake. 
Monday morning we woke up early-ish and headed out to hike up to Phelps Lake (a must hike while here). When getting stuff out of the car the Ranger that was directing parking came over and said to my mom, "It looks like all of your kids qualify for becoming Junior Rangers today!" I looked at her like, "Honey, I'm almost 19 and I'm sure I don't qualify for even coming close to becoming a Junior Ranger." Of course everyone else thought this was hilarious and when my mom told her that we would have to pass because we were on a time crunch to get me back to work at 1 the Ranger looked at her like, "You're daughter works?! She's not even old enough!" The Ranger then walked away confused and all of us busted up. Some day I'll become a Junior Ranger....someday. Another story of me being aged...I had a 15 year old ask me how old I was and when I told her she told me that she thought I was 12. To get aged by adults is one thing but to get aged by a 15 year old is a whole other story. No big deal.
Of course our moose sightings were at a minimal because my mom was here...let's just say that moose run when the mumzy comes because they probably think it's funny. My mom would give anything to see a moose in the proper manor (not tucked behind a bush or standing a mile away from the road looking like an ant) and she rarely gets to see them! Poor girl. Someday she'll get her moose. My dad was awesome (but what's new) and brought me zucchini from his garden with a newly purchased bottle of lemon pepper! This made me love him even more! The next time that we'll all be together in Jackson will be LOTOJA in exactly one month and one day. I'm sure everyone is excited about this...I know I am! 
Speaking of LOTOJA...I was walking to the apartment for lunch on Saturday and came across 20-30 bikers sitting in the Town Square all wearing biking kits that read "Arch to Arches...AFTOJA". I was so confused but of course snagged a photo to laugh about later with the parentals and continued walking. Afton to Jackson is an hour and a half drive so about 85 miles on a bike and they went to all of this trouble for one little ride?! Wimps. They even had stickers on their cars, shirts for the support crew, poster boards that read "CAUTION: BIKERS" (classy), and kits for everyone riding and it's not even a long ride! Props to them anyways for getting on the saddle and hopefully one day they will all build up to the real ride of 206 miles and three states in one day...LoToJa. 
 Canoeing at String Lake!

 Siblings in the canoe :)

 The impending storm

This man was swimming laps in the lake and reminded us all of Kramer (from Seinfeld) swimming in the Hudson. He even had a wet suit and swim cap on!

 All the paddle boards were rented out so Alex decided to tip the canoe over and give it a go. It didn't work too well...

Brunch time for the chipmunk

Siblings at Phelps Lake

 We're weird. We know.

 My mom and I struggled a bit

Looking over Phelps Lake. What a beautiful day it was!


  1. If you would have become a Junior Ranger you could put it on your Resume! I'm sure that would impress future employers. Those pictures of your family make me happy, you are always laughing and having fun!

  2. You guys always make me smile!

  3. Are you sure that wasn't Bill swimming laps?