Sunday, June 24, 2012


June 15th-16th of 2012 were two days that I dreaded for a very long time. Why you ask? RAGNAR Wasatch Back was scheduled to occur and I was signed up for it! Training (for the most part) went pretty well and when those two dreadful days rolled around I was ready to run!
But first, I had the honor of attending my best friend's wedding! Lexi and James were married in the Logan Temple at 11 on Friday so I unfortunately had to skip my first RAGNAR leg. But have no fear, someone on the team so kindly stepped in for my and ran my 2 miles around Snowbasin. 
After attending all of the wedding festivities; outside of temple, luncheon, and the reception, I was off to meet up with team Run Slow, Ski Fast. After sitting in the van (Van 2 to be exact) for several hours and after several stop at various Honey Buckets (plastic potties) I was ready to run my first (second) leg. It was a 6.8 mile climb into Oakley, Utah and I must say that it was the best run I have ever run at 3:30 in the morning. Actually, it was a rather nice run and I was quite pleased with my 1 hour and 10 minute finish. 
After that beautiful/dark run it was back in the Van to rest up for the final round. I was the last runner for the team so immediately after my finish we headed for the showers and a nice two hour nap. And let me tell you, those two hours felt like twelve hours. It was one of the best naps to ever grace my napping life. Back in the van we went to start our final legs. My calculated time to run was around 4:00 pm but we were ahead of schedule so I started the climb into Park City around 2:30 pm. And it was HARDLY hot and HARDLY uphill. That was the toughest run ever and I was so glad and relieved when I crossed the finish line with the team behind me. 
Team Run Slow, Ski Fast completed their first RAGNAR in 33.5 hours. Not too shabby if you ask me! And we won't go into detail of the BYU mens cross country team finish with a time of 14.5 hours... I say they cheated. Dang Cougs. After a few Kodak moments at the finish line I was in desperate need of a Dr. Pepper. Those first few gulps were three carbonation bubbles shy of Heaven in a cup. 

Overall RAGNAR WB was a time to remember. I strangely loved every second of it and I hope to be a part of a RAGNAR again. Enough summary for now! Time for pictures :) Enjoy! 

Dr. Pepper in hand and the medal around my neck :) 
The team finishing! Too many people but I promise we're there :) 
The Medal 
Van 2...the fun van
I did it! 
My best friend is married! Love her so much


  1. Uhhhh...sorry Sam but VAN 1 was the FUN van complete with fart machine! :)

  2. You guys did awesome. I'm so excited for next year! Emmett Girls all the way :)