Saturday, June 25, 2011


Nothing too exciting has happened since the last time I posted except for...
I had a little girl, probably four, tell me I looked really pretty. YES!
I talked with a lady from Park City for a good 15 minutes about her life and her kids. Interesting.
I went to lunch with Jason and Lisa Allen one day...thanks again!
I went for a run and it was beautiful. However waking up with a charlie horse in your calf that morning makes it difficult to have a good run.
I over heard a couple arguing on how to pronounce "Teton". They finally settled with "Tetin". Making the "e" long and the "On" an "In". It made me laugh.
A family of four came into the store ALL wearing those gorilla feet running shoes and they ALL had matching shirts on. The type of shirts that you would get at a gas station that had "Freedom" and a bald eagle on it. So cute. I can tell you one thing, they were not a running family. At all.
I found out I have the 3rd and 4th of July off which means I will happily be skiing Snowbird on the fourth of July! What an excellent way to spend the holiday with the family. I have waited 18 years for this and it's finally going to happen! Hardly happy.
Tomorrow my grandma and grandpa Nyman, my sister, and possibly my brother are coming to visit and I'm so excited! I miss them all and little ole Logan.
That's it for now and I hope more crazy tourists come to visit so story time will be more intriguing next time.

Nine miles on a beach cruiser to see...

I rode my bike 4.5 miles out of town just to get pictures of the Tetons and it was so worth it :) Riding up hill on a cruiser is hard work and riding back with the strongest headwind of your life is even harder work. But like I said, it was all worth it!

Entering the park. Tetons in the background.

Sepia tone lovin'

Black and White shot

Ohhh snow covered mountains :)

My bike and the Tetons

So happy I made it! ha

Monday, June 20, 2011

Touring the town on my beach cruiser

Newly rebuilt arch in the square

Cowboy statue in the town square

My place of employment

Infamous Cowboy Bar

My cute transportation :)

Jackson has a Harv! YAY!

Stagecoach ride around town. Cute and smelly.

Snow King makes Beaver look goooood :)

I didn't work until 1 o'clock the other day so I decided to play tourist. It was fun going around and taking pictures with my new camera. Hope you enjoyed the few photos that I have so far. I hope to get up to the park soon to get even better pictures! :)


Here are a couple photos of my "beautiful" room.
It's a keeper.
Too bad I can't take it with me when I leave. NAWT.

My side of the room. So exciting. I know.
My $7 camp chair from Wal-Mart makes for great furniture.

And my closet/Island Market. All of my food that doesn't need to be refrigerated stays in here. Other than that we have no carpet, one rug, and squeaky blue bunk buds. First class at it's finest!

Some of my favorite people thus far...

I'm blogging which means I'm at McDonald's sipping on a DP.
I seriously need to find a way to take pictures of the people that come into the store! I could sit here for hours and hours and describe the people that I talk to everyday. I often find myself biting my lip so I don't laugh when people walk into the store. It's great. Some of my "favorites" so far have been the fine gentleman with a mustache that no lie curled up pass his glasses and to the middle of his forehead. Maybe it was That Isom boy's dad... Another favorite was the hard core Harley chick that came in with her posse smelling highly of smoke. I was gagging from her stench but pulled it together as she purchased a sticker. She was covered in tattoos and her hair flowed down past her hips. The best part was her utilization of her phone holder that she had on her belt. Not only was it fancy but it wasn't holding a phone, it was indeed holding a pack of cigarettes. So classy and so easily accessible. Such a smart gal.
Some other favorites include the wannabe cowboys/cowgirls that bought the cheapest pair of boots that they could find to wear for one week along with the newly purchased Wranglers. They can hardly walk in the boots and really don't fit in. If they wanted to fit in they should have just rented a Subaru and dressed normally. I laugh and I'm sure all of the locals laugh as well.
I'm reminded daily from a lot of customers on how beautiful Logan canyon is and how jealous they are of me for living so close to such a beautiful canyon. It makes my day when they say, "Oh! You're from Logan?! We drove through there on our way up here and absolutely loved the canyon! It's so beautiful." Puts a smile on my face every time.
I meet people from around the world everyday and I've even been able to use my high school french skills. Thanks Madame B. I can't wait for more fun people to arrive!
RANDOM SIDE NOTE: The shower now drains! Best thing that has happened up here yet! I love not having to stand in 5 inches of dirty water in the morning.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I worked while the family played.

My family drove into the park and took some pictures so I thought I would share!

Flower up in Teton Village

Cutie little moose!

And the Tetons themselves still covered in favorite.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm old enough to blog? Sweet.

Since I'm living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming this summer I decided that it would be fun to start a blog and tell about all of the fun and crazy people that I come across and the adventures that I enjoy. I'm working at Jackson Trading Company and it is located right on the town square next to the Million Dollar Cowboy favorite. Getting off work at ten and having a famous bar next to you makes a GREAT combo. Not.
Feel free to visit if you're in the area! I love seeing familiar faces. :)
So far I've met some VERY INTERESTING people and I'm sad I can't snap pictures of them while working. Maybe a hidden camera will need to be purchased...
The housing is pretty gross and I'm tempted to clean things up but I know if I get started I won't stop until it meets my standards. And that could take more than a day.
We had a bed bug scare the other day in one of the rooms and I about quit but thankfully the girl just had an allergic reaction to her medication that made it look like she had little bites all over her arms and legs.

Some other fun facts:
  • At the end of my (cold) shower I'm standing in ankle deep water because the drain is verrrrrry slow. Gross. Who likes standing in cold, dirty water? Not this girl.
  • My closet contains all of my looks like the Island Market!
  • I'm positive I will have back problems at the end of the summer. The mattress is HORRIBLE. Maybe I should have a bed bug scare and get a new mattress out of it...
  • I feel like I'm at risk for second hand smoke cancer every day. Is that safe?
  • Driving to and from Logan alone is quite fun. I'm such a horrible singer.
I hope to get pictures soon!
Oh and updating this will be random since I don't want to pay for internet up there. I may have to take McDonald's up on their free Wi-Fi with a purchase of their products and treat myself to their Dr. Pepper once a week.