Monday, July 9, 2012

Phelps with the cousins! and the USWNT game

This past weekend the Lundbergs were in town and were so kind to take me to dinner at Mountain High Pizza Pie and let me tag along on a hike to Phelps Lake! Amanda, Jamie, and I were the only ones to jump off the rock and we had a blast doing it! Even though I had a scary moment of slipping and falling off the rock I had so much fun! It was a great start to my Saturday. After the hike I had to rush home to get ready for work and they were heading out of town. It was a short little visit with them but it was so nice to have family up here! Thanks for letting me tag along guys! 

Phelps never gets old. 
Love these girls! 
Family photo at Phelps! 
Amanda jumping 
Jamie jumping 
Me jumping 
Me falling/sliding/running down the rock. So scary. 
Laughing so hard I forgot to jump. HA! 
Still laughing 
All three of us FINALLY jumped together. Third time is a charm I guess!
Other than hanging with these guys for a morning nothing else has happend up here...except for getting aged as usual. haha I will tally the average at the end of the summer. So far I am averaged at being 14. Score! 
I did go home last weekend to celebrate my mom being born and I also attended the US women's soccer game at Rio Tinto!! It was such a fun game and I was SO glad I was able to go. Such a great experience to watch the best of the best play! And it was their last game before heading out to London for the Summer olympics so that made it even better. However, watching the game made me miss soccer so much! I can't wait to watch them kill it in London! 

Spent $85 on this authentic USWNT jersey and it was worth every penny.